What is phone phreaking?

The term freaking was coined in the 1970’s, the term combines the words ‘phone’ and ‘freak’ to describe those that exploited or hacked telecommunication networks.


Why do people ‘phreak’?

It is believed people began to phreak as a means of satisfying their curiosity towards phone networks and how they operate. This is said to have been the original motivation of phreakers, not the desire to rack up a hefty phone bill.

Nowadays, phone phreaking is usually motivated by the desire to make ‘free’ phone calls to long-distance, international telephone numbers, without incurring the increased fees. Phone phreaking might also be used to ‘tap’ phone calls, allowing phreakers to monitor conversations.


Is phone phreaking dangerous?

Phone phreaking can result in a large, unexpected telephone bill. Phreakers using your telephone network to make calls that incur increased fees, in this case phone phreaking can be considered very dangerous with regards to your bank account.

However, phone phreaking might have more than just a financial impact on your business. Leaving your business’ telecommunication networks open to phreaking allows for a breach of private and confidential data. This breach can happen as a result of phone freaking with the intention of tapping phonelines, harvesting data about your business and its private operations.


How do I prevent phone phreaking?

In order to protect yourself, your business and your assets against phone phreaking there a few precautionary measures you can put in place, these are as follows:

  • Call restricting – Your telecommunication system might allow for the implementation of certain restrictions, for instance only allowing phone calls to be made during a particular time of day (office opening hours).
  • Access control – Introducing an access control system, e.g. username/password combination to your telecommunication systems.
  • Regular updates – Software updates can contain crucial security modifications, designed to minimise the risk posed by phreakers.  
  • Firewall – Introduction of a PABX firewall can stop phreaking attacks in their tracks. Offering your business complete control over your phone system.


Retell voice firewall

Retell’ voice firewall solutions are an anti-fraud system designed to give complete control over your telecommunication networks. The firewall has the ability to monitor dialled numbers, disconnecting any ‘unauthorised’ numbers that have not been pre-set by your business.

Voice firewall is simple to use and does not limit the functionality of your phone system.  The system simply follows predetermined rules as dictated by yourself, these rules can include the ability to make phone calls outside of office hours.


Phreaking solutions by JJ Comms

JJ Comms are telecommunication experts with years of experience in phreaking prevention.

If phone phreaking is a concern you harbour, contact one of our friendly engineers today, we can discuss your individual requirements and formulate the best possible solution to address your phreaking concerns.

We can supply and install advanced retell voice firewall systems, designed to maximise your telephone security. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation using the simple and quick contact us form, or speak to a member of the team by telephoning 01443 410750.

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